Dodo Bird Facts

The world has rarely seen a more awkward looking animal than the Dodo Bird. This flightless bird that was once plentiful on the island of Mauritius near Madagascar is now extinct. In fact when people think of animals that have gone extinct it is often this bird that comes to mind; therefore the saying "as dead as a dodo".

On this page of recently extinct animal facts we list information about the Dodo Bird including what this species looked like, where it lived and why it became extinct. Both kids and adults should find this information interesting and useful.

Dodo Bird Appearance

Since this animal died out in 1662 much of what we know about its appearance comes from written accounts, sketches, and paintings; which sometimes contradict each other. This makes it hard to determine what color(s) it was and what type of plumage it had. However scientist have examined skeletal remains unearthed on Mauritius and remains of some of the birds that were brought to Europe in the late 1600s and therefore were able to determine its height, beak size, and skeletal structure.

Interesting Dodo Bird Facts